Comprehensive System Assessment

Final Connect is a better option when it comes to performing assessments. Why? Because we’ve done it for dealerships and dealership groups throughout the U.S. since 1999. When it comes to automotive retail IT systems, we’ve been there, done that. During this process, an Automotive Retail Technology (ART) consultant(s) will evaluate your dealership’s computer systems and technology costs. We’re so confident we’ll be able to find ways to maximize your systems, we provide this service complementary.

The automotive business has many layers.
That’s why our assessment does as well.

Every system is different. Every dealership is different. And, without question, the Automotive Retail business is unique. That’s why we perform a multidimensional assessment of your computer and network systems. It’s an in-depth process, but it ensures that we truly evaluate your entire system, not just the most immediate needs. And as you know, good business isn’t just about right now; it’s about making the right decisions to keep your dealership moving forward for the future.

We are the solution for your IT systems.
We are the solution for reducing your costs.

We don’t just see the issues. We see what others don’t.

Serving dealerships and dealership groups across the country, we have expertise your dealership requires. Our team is excellent and specialized. We listen to your needs and apply them. While other IT service providers might be able to address general issues, how will they handle industry specific issues such as Dealer Management System (DMS), CRM, and manufacturer integration without automotive retail experience? Bottom line, they can’t. Would you prefer to engage someone that has to learn the automotive retail business or already knows your business? That is why we are the ideal solution for your dealerships IT Systems.

Detailed Analysis and Remediation

Let us assess your systems and present a detailed analysis of your technology strengths and weaknesses along with a clear remediation plan.

After all, anyone can tell you what’s wrong. We’ll tell you what you need to make it right.

We’ll tell you what’s working and what’s not, objectively.

At Final Connect, our only agenda is making your automotive retail business as efficient and productive as possible. If some of the systems you have are working, we’ll tell you. If other things aren’t working optimally, we’ll tell you that, too. The point is, you pay us to make your computer and network systems work optimally. And that’s exactly what we’ll do.

We’ll propose the best plan of action for your dealership.

Once we’ve assessed the situation, we’ll propose a plan that makes sense for your business right now and for the future. Our team will consult on the most appropriate price and service type to ensure that your dealership is running on the right systems for your unique needs.

Ongoing Proactive Management

You will trust the Final Connect team to proactively—and continuously—manage your systems and keep on top of whatever comes your way. So you can stay focused on what matters most—selling and servicing cars and trucks. And what’s even better is that Final Connect will work in the way that’s right for your unique situation. Want us to help bolster your current IT team or fill a gap? No problem. Need Final Connect to be your IT department? We can do that, too. Whatever you need, we have the right team—small or large—to handle it.

We’ll constantly monitor your systems – 24/7/365.

Solving problems before they impact your business is critical. Our 24/7/365 monitoring keeps a watchful eye on your computer and network systems. In many cases, our support staff is working on solving a problem before you are even aware of it.

Software upgrades. Installs. Critical security patches.
Last-second fixes.

Keeping on top of all these things and a million more can be maddening. Yet for Final Connect, it’s what we do everyday. Our managed services solution allows us to roll out updates, upgrades, and corrective measures as needed—most after hours and automatically deployed, which means your automotive business can remain business as usual.

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