FINAL CONNECT provides IT consulting, infrastructure and professional services for small business needs. By using Final Connect your company gains access to a vast technology resource backed by a superior team of support professionals. Our mission is to provide you with solutions as quickly as possible while providing the highest level of personalized customer care.

Managed Services — Providing cost protection and operational efficiencies by providing an all-encompassing support service for a fixed fee.

Backup / Disaster Recovery — Protecting your company’s data from disaster is all about planning for the worst so that the impact on your business operations is minimal.

Infrastructure / Inside Wiring — Computer and telephone cabling for connecting computers, network devices and telephones using the latest fiber, copper and wireless technologies.

Internet — To stay competitive in today’s market, the Internet connection must be fast, secure and reliable for all employees.

Network Planning / Configuration / Installation — Outlining business requirements and growth plans to build a network for connecting computers and other equipment.

Remote Access / Virtual Private Networks (VPN) — Remote access allows authorized users across the globe to connect to your local area network (LAN) and use it as if they were working at a desk in your office.

Security — Your company network contains a range of confidential data that needs to be protected. A breach of your network can be catastrophic.

On-Site Support and Customer Care — Gain technology consultant expertise without the added expense of hiring in-house technical staff or devoting existing staff resources for technology troubleshooting.



On-Site Support and Customer Care



Infrastructure / Inside Wiring

Remote Access / Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Network Planning / Configuration / Installation

Managed Services

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